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Göran Flood


Recorded 1996 in Stockholm Göran Flood is a very talent guitarplayer and this is his debut-album. "Modern instrumental music with flawor of different culture and stiles" Göran Flood (g) Mats Öberg (keyb) Mikael Berglund (b) Dan Strömkvist (dr) Rafael Sida (perc) Mats Tärnfors (Keyb)(1)
For the album "Vernissage" he assembled some of Sweden´s most wanted jazz fusion musicians today. One of them is Mats Öberg on keyboards, who have played with Frank Zappa on the Frank Zappa Universe album, Mikael Berglund bass, and Dan Strömkvist drums, make a hard to beat rhytm section for the album. Guest appearance on the album is Rafael Sida on percussion. Göran have studie at Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.) in Los Angeles for Joe Diorio and Scott Henderson Göran have played on recordings with artists like MEJA, ACE OF BASE, Dee Dee.

95,00 SEK