Four Leaf Clover Records

Memories & Visions

Mikael Berglund


This is one of the best examples of how to make music on the bass and still catch the ear of just about any listener. It´s not avantgarde, it´s not smooth jazz, it´s not heavyrock. It´s just great music Bassics Magazine spring 98
If you're into very fine bass playing combined with some attractively listenable tunes, check out this CD. Bassist June 98
"Mikael never misses a good melody no matter how simple the song might seem" "the art of making the instrument more than just a deep voice" SLA febr 98
with bass and synth he creates a massive and big sound that takes you to a landscape of dreams, rain, fog and thunder. O.J March 98
Mikael Berglund el-bass, keyboard Janne Ottesen guitar, Jonas Knutsson saxophon, Hans Rolin drums
All songs composed and arrenged by Mikael Berglund

95,00 SEK